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Let Love Be the Reason!

From humble beginnings to soaring heights, we've come a long way! At Black Facts, we believe that our thoughts shape our life experiences. Our mission is to awaken a collective consciousness among our people, elevating our vibrations and reclaiming our rightful place in the world.

For far too long, our people have been marginalized, our identity stolen, our inventions unacknowledged, and our culture exploited. It's time for change. Meet RaVyn and Phoenix, the dynamic duo behind Black Facts. Grounded in the power of love, they are two sisters, two goddesses, dedicated to restoring our community's pride and self-worth.

While we strive to spread love to the whole world, we understand that we can't give away what we don't have ourselves. That's why Black Facts is committed to reminding our people of their excellence, beauty, and boundless creativity. Each piece of our unapologetically black, edgy clothing is a testament to our greatness.

When you see the Black Facts stamp, you can be sure it represents nothing but the truth about our people. With every design we create, we aim to challenge stereotypes, redefine narratives, and empower our community. We believe that by wearing our clothing, you carry a piece of our collective strength and resilience.

Join us on this transformative journey, one Black Facts creation at a time. Together, we will rewrite history, celebrating our heritage, and uplifting the spirits of all who wear our designs. Let's stand tall, united in our truth, and inspire the world with the undeniable excellence of our people.

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